Dear Friends,

There are some things that you don't want to miss out on in life. Your children and family grow so fast. Allowing us to capture your life's wonderful moments is one of our greatest pleasures.

We love the natural lighting that the sun creates and we take advantage of this on your photos. We want your photos to be timeless ,vibrant, sharp, and natural. We stray away from any current "filter" craze because they always come and go.

Our family includes: Lance, Nancy, Madelyn, and our Yorkie, Chloe. We've lived in Texas all of our lives, but recently moved to the Hill Country area in 2015 and love it! When we're not shooting photos we love to watch Netflix, go shopping or explore the Austin area.

Drop us a line today to allow us to capture your precious moments. We'll let your children be children, your family show their personalites, and you'll have those smiles on your walls for a lifetime.

xo, Nancy & Lance

A Few of our Favorite Things

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